Free! Hair Removal Spring – Remove that FIDGE!

Free! Hair Removal Spring – Remove that FIDGE!

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Free! Hair Removal Spring – Remove that FIDGE!

New "must have" facial hair remover for every woman. In just 2 minutes your unwanted facial hair will be gone!! With Hair Removal Spring you can remove facial hair by yourself, without damaging your skin.

The easiest way to eliminate unwanted facial hair from lip, chin, cheeks and neck with ultimate efficiency. Remove even the finest facial hair quickly, easily and from the root to slow and minimize regrowth.

Safer than waxing or chemicals, the Hair Removal Spring provides the most painless method of removing hair directly from the follicle in the privacy and comfort of your own home. With just a twist of the wrists, effectively remove several hairs all at once - even on contoured facial areas - from the root without harming your skin.

1.     The hair is being pulled from the root; it won't grow any darker or thicker like when you shave.

2.     When using it, your skin is not subjected to chemicals or burns like when you wax. 3. It catches several strands of hair and not one by one like when you pluck.

3.     You will get to save your money (instead of going to the beauticians every time). The Hair Removal Spring can be used up to one year before replacement and is affordable for every woman (unlike laser hair removal)

4.     It is very small and doesn't need any battery or electricity, so you can add it to your make up bag and take it with you everywhere!

5.     You can use it on cheeks, chin and upper lip hair, also great for fine hair and peach fuzz!

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